Trainings I can develop and facilitate for you are based on organisational and personal goals. Through intensive preparation, together with the customer and participants, each time a tailor-made training will come into being.

I have talents in:

Management and leadership programs
Participants develop themselves personally through experiences which clarify how you can cooperate and communicate differently, which role you as a leader can take and which role fits with the circumstances of your work, what your passion is and how you act when you are out of your comfort zone.

Training for entrepreneurs
In these trainings in for example Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, the Gambia, India or countries of your preference, entrepreneurs discover who their clients are, where opportunities for business lie, where cooperation with partners is possible, how great their own power and entrepreneurial skills are.

Team & communication training
During these trainings teams work on the effectiveness of their communication & cooperation combined with experiencing how it can be done differently. Target groups for this training are teams in (Dutch) organisations who want to get everything out of their collective and individual potential.

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