My life and work as Bojang is based on:

  • Compassion
imagining the situation of others, understanding, recognising and taking action
  • Open-mindednes
with an open view, recognising and taking up opportunities, as well as letting others discover them
  • Simplicity
clear and simple approach, having focus and finishing what I start
  • Love
for others and for myself, giving and receiving warmth and bonding

My starting point is that each person has qualities and talents which can make her or him successful in life and work. My added value is to let her or him discover themselves, letting them grow, use their qualities and share them with others.

My logo visualizes this process: the sun and rain are there to let the seeds flower and develop into a fruit, which multiplies again in seeds. My role is to feed personal development, being a direction indicator to let talents grow, being a catalyst for using the power and strengths in yourself.